Best Natural Lips for Fall

Best Natural Lips for Fall

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While dark lips may have been the rage on many runways of last month’s Fashion Week, let us not forget a favorite lip trend that has been a hit throughout the ages; the nude lip! The nude lip can be sexy, natural, and feminine and can give a woman a polished look without appearing overdone. Some women fear the nude lip thinking it will make them look washed out or sick, but by choosing the correct shade for your skin tone, every woman can look great naked.

For a Fair Complexion:
Just because you are fair skinned doesn’t mean you can’t rock the nude lip. The most important thing to remember when picking your nude shade is to select one with a hint of pink to it. Nude lip shades with pink undertones help to add color to a fair complexion and compliment the tone. Our pick for fair skinned beauties is Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in the shade, “Nude Beige”.

For a Medium Complexion:
Medium skin toned women can typically rock the nude lip with ease. Their skin is just the right shade to avoid looking washed out but not so dark that the lipstick will fade into the background of their coloring. For your best nude shade, look for a lipstick with a beige or brown undertone. Our favorite shade for our medium skin toned gals is, “Beige Indecise” by Dior.

For a Dark Complexion:
For a darker complexion, you will also want a hint of beige but also a hint of shine. By choosing a shade that’s more of a gloss than a lipstick, lips will appear naturally nude without being too much of a contrast with your complexion. Our favorite for our dark complected divas is Neutrogena’s Moistureshine Gloss in the shade, “Natural”.

To make the most of your gorgeous nude pout, pair with a smoky eye and a bronzer or a peach shade of blush. Wear it casual with your hair pulled back or go for full-speed glam and roll with some serious waves. Either way you go, you’re rocking naked right.


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