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Getting the Perfect Highlight: Follow these tips to achieve that healthy glow on your face and emphasize your facial features.

Lightening Up Your Face
This small pump bottle is such a makeup must-have. Not only can you use it as a lightweight medium to full concealer coverage, you can also use it as a highlighter. Buy it one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and lightly dab on dots of the products with your fingers. Slightly smooth out the dot with your pinky because being the smallest finger on your hands, it gives the lightest pressure. Lastly use a small stippling brush to brush off excess products and pack the remaining products deeper in for an even airbrushed glow effect. This is an amazing concealer to use as a highlighter because unlike most highlighters, this concealer has no shimmer or glitters. Hence, people would envy your beautiful, natural, matte glow.

Goodbye Dark Circles and Hello Prominent Browbones
This creamy concealer and airy highlighter 2-in-1 pen makes it double the fun to use. Get the runway-perfect eyes by dabbing on some of that concealer close to the bottom rim of your eyes. Use your fingers to pat it in small circular motions to erase dark circles and brighten your sleepy eyes. Do not rub it in as this motion will make you drag and pull on your delicate skin and create premature lines. Top it off by using the highlighter in the same spot as the eye concealer, except start from the center point of your eyes and work your way outward. Also do not forget to pat in some highlighter on your brow bones to draw attentions to your gorgeous eyes.

Setting the Glow:
The universally flattering shade, Albatross, looks stunning on any skin color. All you need to brush on is a light, breezy layer of it on the parts of the face that you highlighted earlier to set it and give it a sheer finish. Also, lightly dust in on the center line of your nose, the middle of your forehead, and the edge of your chins. This illuminating highlighter powder has light-reflecting particles, which is great for taking perfect photos.

Ready, Set, and Blush: ORGASM by NARS
This lovely all-in-one makeup stick is like a dream come true. Warm up your eyes, cheeks, face, and lip with this cream-to-powder makeup stick. My personal favorite shade for fair to light/medium skin is Orgasm, which is a peachy pink shimmer great for any occasion. It gives a light and natural glow without being too washed out or too dark. Use a fan-like blush brush to tap on the blush on the apple of your cheek. Do not forget to tap off the excess on your brush before putting it on your face. Next, without putting anymore blush on your brush, go over the area you just brushed with stippling motions to accentuate the blush. Also slightly stipple and drag out the blush color to the outer edge of your cheek for a more natural ombre look. Finally, use a big fluffy face powder brush to lightly dust some of that blush on the rest of your face for a warm, dewy glow.

By Erica Sun


    1. For acne scars, you want a highlighter that is subtle. Anything with too much shimmer will enhance the scars. Try the matte Mac highlighter as an alternative! 🙂

  1. Concealers that are a shade or two lighter than your face can be a great highlighter. With that you kill two birds with one stone, conceal and highlight!

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