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Messy Bun

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In a perfect world, we’d all have hours to spend in front of the mirror each morning to create a flawless look. In reality, between sleepy mornings, screaming kids and traffic jams, who has the time for all of that extra fuss? It’s time to wipe those morning eyes, and prepare to be gorgeous because we’ve got your perfect morning routine down to five steps which only takes about 10 minutes flat!

Step 1 – Wash, Exfoliate & Hydrate:
Even women with gorgeous skin can look a bit dull first thing in the morning. To bring some pop back to your skin, wash and exfoliate thoroughly before doing anything else. Next, grab your favorite moisturizer and apply generously to face and neck to make skin look younger, and livelier, instantly. Don’t forget to dab a few dots of eye cream as well to hydrate and de-puff.

Step 2 – CC Cream:
For a quick wash of color and coverage with an added touch of a sunscreen, try one of the newest CC creams. The cream can be applied with your fingertips when in a rush, or with a foundation brush when you have a bit more time. These beauties not only work as a light foundation but also help to hydrate and brighten the skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful, aging rays.

Step 3 – Go Coral:
To add some color to your morning face in a flash, skip the layers of bronzer and powdered blushes in favor of a bright, coral cream blush. The color is gorgeous enough to make even the sleepiest of complexions look wide awake and the cream formula blends into skin, making it look more like a natural glow. Even better, this formula can serve as a lip tint, saving you even more time.

Step 4 – Go Black on the Lashes:
Few beauty products bring life to your face the way mascara does. If you’re short on time and really want eyes that will wow them, try adding a few coats of black mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Even without eyeshadow and liner, black mascara will help to make eyes look larger and brighter.

Step 5 – Messy Bun Success:
No time to shower and get in a good blowout? No problem! With summer rapidly approaching, there is no better time to rock the messy bun look. In fact, this is one style where dirty, bed head hair actually improves the look of the style. Simply spray roots with a bit of dry shampoo to soak up and excess dirt or oil, and tie into a bun. If you want to dress it up a bit, you can even pull out a few strands to frame your face. This look is perfect for work and play and can literally be brought to life in about 90 seconds.


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