Beach Essentials

Beach season is only two months away (bathing suits = fear, rage, and eventual drinking), therefore, preparation is key. It’s time to start stocking up for your beach bag! Since lazy beach days include an after sun trip to the cocktail hour, I have included the SPF essentials, and some easy travel makeup kits that will take you from sand to shore without a blink.

And don’t forget these important tips!:

First, sunscreen and skin care are key.

The sun in all its splendor can be extremely searing and the pools chlorine and the oceans salt water can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. Having some multi-tasking products on hand that can provide SPF protection and hydrating goodness all in one is your best bet. The less you have in your beach bag, the better.


Stock up on SPF oils for the hair that shield and replenish all in one little bottle. My favorite way to take advantage of these products is to slather the oils throughout the ends of the hair. Next, braid or pile your hair into a bun, and let the oils penetrate, protect, and utilize the heat of the sun to full effect. Beach hair in all its glory!


Make sure to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Try out cooling lotions, spray oils, or aloe. The most important thing is to make sure your skin is being restored of all its natural oils.


Just because you are at the shore doesn’t mean you have to go au natural. There are some extraordinary waterproof formulations that will last through humidity, water, and heat. You can have a summertime glow by applying concealer, a cheek tint, and an SPF lip balm. Top it off with water proof mascara and you are ready to look like a summer goddess.

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