To Lipstain or not to lipstain?

Lip stains are one of my all time favorite products, not only because they create an amazing base for your lipstick or even for your cheeks, but they stay on all day long. You can top them with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick and they always have that beautiful color coming through.

As you can see with the model in the video we’ve already started with a beautiful raspberry red lip stain on her lips. It is not shiny, and gives that kind of natural berry glow to it. The great thing about lip stains is that you can layer them.

    •  Now as you can see with the lip stain, it goes on in a gel form. If you like wearing darker colors, a lip stain is the perfect way to wear a darker color without worry that it’s going to come off or smear.
    • Let the stain dry for a few seconds and then my favorite tip is to apply a clear lip gloss on top to give it that beautiful lip gloss feel.
    • You have a beautiful glossy sensual lip stain that looks like a lip gloss but with the longevity of a lip stain. It really is one of my favorite ways to use a lipstick and to blend colors.



  1. I’ve been experimenting with lipsticks lately, and I have trouble getting my color to really show up. I think I will lip stain a try!

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