The Alternative Smokey Eye



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A few weeks ago I was approached by the site LuLu to write a guest article for their blog, and I happily said yes.  Here are the steps:

The Alternitive Smokey Eye

The typical smoky eye is usually associated with dark black and grey shadows.  Although this rock star look is iconic, it is often impossibly hard to replicate.  Trust me, I have tried and failed! The truth is that black and grey shadows are very hard to pull off (unless you’re Lady Gaga).  So, I created an easy method to create the illusion of a smokey eye by utilizing neutral eye shadows with a pop of color. The great thing about this smokey eye, is that you can play with many different variations of colors.  My favorite smokey combos are bronze and navy, plum and mahogany, or deep bronze and gold.

Step 1:  Start with a peach based eye primer. This will ensure that your eye shadow stays on all day, and that you get the most intense color payoff from your shadows.

Step 2:  In the shape of a small crescent, blend a matte brown shadow along the lower crease of the eye. This application works best using a pencil shadow brush.

Step 3:  Using a dark plum eyeliner (either liquid or kohl) line the upper lash line, especially concentrating near the lashes.  A great makeup artist trick to follow is to blend the liner into the lashes to create a full lash effect.

Step 4:  With a dark bronze shadow blend the contour and liner using back and forth motions.  This helps to soften the initial color, and blend the two parts together. The dark bronze also adds dimension to look, and starts to give that “smokey” illusion.

Step 5:  With a soft tan eye shadow and a medium sized blending brush, softly blend over the entire lid.  This will help to blend out any harsh lines, and create a soft graduation of colors.

Step 6:  Next, apply a dark mahogany eye shadow over the liner, and on the outer corners of the eye (in a horizontal “V”), and under the lower lash line.  Add black mascara to intensify the effect.

Step 7:  For a final touch, apply a purple shimmer powder to the inner corners of the eyes, and all under the lower lash line.  This brightens up the eye, and prevents the darker shadows from becoming too overbearing.

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