Ageless Beauties: Then & Now

Julianne Moore ageless beauty

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Let’s face it; the women of Hollywood are impossibly beautiful. While we typically send out our jealous vibes to the younger stars occupying the land of the bold and beautiful, let’s take a moment to remember those timeless beauties; the women who are beyond their 40’s and still gorgeous enough to rival any teen heart throb!

Christie Brinkley
There is just something about this all American girl that makes you want to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and scream from the top of your lungs, “AGE WOMAN!!!” Brinkley credits an obsessive use of sunscreen, healthy diet, consistent exercise, and a close relationship with her dermatologist for her beautiful skin. No matter what she is doing, she always looks amazing and has barely aged since she first made her way into our hearts back in the early 70’s. Even though she turned 59 in February, the beauty can still command the room with just a smile.

Cindy Crawford
This woman changed the way the boys and men everywhere looked at Pepsi back in the 90’s and is one of the few beauties to be granted the title of “Original Supermodel”. Cindy offered a fresh and unique look when she came onto the scene in 1986 that screamed sexy with just a whisper of innocence. She gave us all the fashion tips we needed while hosting House of Style, stirred up some trouble in a George Michael video, and had women worldwide copying her signature mole. Although Crawford is 47, the model/mama can still be found gracing the pages of many high fashion magazines. Cindy credits exercise, diet, and Meaningful Beauty (the skincare line she co-created with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh) for her flawless complexion.

Kim Basinger
This academy award winning beauty has done it all; modeling, acting, and producing. She has been a Bond girl, Batman’s Vicki Vale, a Veronica Lake look-a-like in L.A. Confidential, and still clouds the naughty corners of our memories with scenes from 9 ½ Weeks. Even as the white trash mother of Eminem in 8 Mile, Basinger’s beauty could not be ignored. The star credits genetics and staying fit for her youthful appearance and at 59 men everywhere still desire her and women still envy her.

Jaclyn Smith
This “Angel” needs no introduction! Best known for her role as Kelly Garrett on Charlie’s Angels, Smith was the perfect combination of sweet, sophisticated, sexy, and smart. Since the mid 1960’s, she has delighted us with her talents as a model, actress, and clothing designer all while making us wonder if somewhere in her career she located and was secretly hiding the Fountain of Youth. Although a healthy diet contributes to Smith’s glowing complexion, she mostly credits her beauty line, Jaclyn Smith Beauty, for her complexion perfection. With a face like that at 67, I’m totally ready to jump on that band wagon!


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