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You may have been wondering why my post have been less frequent these past months. Fear not my beauty mavens. I am still your ever loving beauty blogger……albeit a very insanely busy beauty blogger/makeup artist.  The past few months have been a whirlwind of work, life, love, and health issues.  Seriously, why can’t all this wonderful maddness be spread out throught the year, and not jammed packed into a few months?

I am in no way complaining….in fact, in addition to all my busy goodness, I have been working with a web designer and redesigning and revamping my blog!  Yes, ladies and gentleman, The Makeup Blogger is getting ready to be bigger and better than ever.  I am so eager to share all the new additions and posts with you as soon as we get them finalized.

In the meantime, I recently stumbled upon an old interview I did with, and I thought I would share it with you.  The answers are just as relevant today.

What are the latest trends in makeup and skin?  High Definition makeup. Clean, flawless skin and a bright lip.

What is the difference between makeup techniques used for regular and professional use? For professional use, we tend to utilize more products with a higher pigmentation to enhance longevity.  Colors and palettes are also mixed.  For regular use, there is no need to have an arsenal of makeup.  A few key products are all you need to enhance your look.

What makeup techniques do you use in creating a natural, fresh look? A hydrating primer, eye illuminator, tinted moisturizer or loose mineral foundation for more coverage.

What is your signature style? Classic, elegant and pretty makeup.

What beauty and skincare advice would you give a woman? Invest in your skincare and foundations.  They rest can be drugstore finds.

What are the common makeup application mistakes women do that affect their skin? Sleeping in their makeup.  Always take a few moments to remove your makeup before bed.  There are some great makeup remover wipes that make it easy.

What is a good way to re-touch your makeup during the day without negatively affecting your skin?  Use a blotting paper, or a light pressed powder that has a soft focus finish.  High definition powders are wonderful for this.

What do you suggest readers do to achieve a flawless makeup look? Find a great salmon/ peach toned concealer or tinted eye brightener.  Invest in a great foundation that works with your skintone and evens out any discoloration.

Any other advice you have? Always blend.  Have a big, fluffy makeup brush handy as your last step and go over your face to blend out any harsh lines or extra powder.

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