7 Rules For Sexy Hair

7 Rules for Sexy Hair

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Celebrity hairstylist and one of my favorite women in the beauty industry Jet Rhys shares her 7 tips for sexy hair!  Get these no-fail tips to get gorgeous locks you can do on your own:

1.  “Don’t fight your natural texture” is my motto!  If you have curly hair, rub in some styling cream and feel up those curls to bring them out.  If your hair is straight, play up the smoothness by blow-drying just the top layer with a round brush

*Insider Tip:  This is a lot faster than a blowout.

2. Get a style that’s not too styled!  One thing that makes you seem dated is a haircut that look’s like a “haircut”, with harsh lines and angles. Seamless, non-choppy layers are gorgeous!

*Insider Tip:  Ask your stylist to “Point Cut” the edges off your layers, this avoids any sharp lines.

3.  There’s a world of hair products out there…experiment!  I talk to my curly haired clients, for example to cocktail products straightening balm with a texture cream, apply it to damp hair, then air-dry.  It’s a magic bullet when you find the right products to work with your hair not against it!

*Insider Tip:  When cocktailing products, layer the products one at a time into the palm of your hands, rub the product throughout the hair starting from the tips working up to the roots.

4. Beware of flat iron dependency!  The secret to sexy hair is hair should move, have bounce to it and swing. If you flat-iron your entire head it’ll look to on-purpose, or “wiggy”.

*Insider Tip:  Don’t try to have your hair stick straight “perfect”.  Let your hair have bounce!

5. Don’t go nuts with the curling iron either.  The look now is texture.  I love to take a big curling iron and do just the ends of client’s hair.  You’ll have loose, luxurious waves like Jennifer Lopez.

*Insider Tip:  The smaller the iron the curlier the ends will be, the bigger the iron the more sexier the wave will be. Make a fist, that’s how big your iron should be to get this look.

6. Attention ladies…remember your roots!  Women forget to use volumizing products where their hair starts, which is why so many walk around with flat tops.  Spritz a thickening spray right at the scalp, then blowdry your hair upside down!

*Insider Tip:  When blowdrying upside down massage your roots with your finger tips, this encourages the hair to expand at the roots. If you use a brush it will disperse the product throughout your hair resulting in no volume.

7. Wear a pontail stepping out at night!   There is nothing more gorgeous than a tres  glamorous ponytail when it is placed correctly on the head. Too high above the ears is too young, right at the ears is too casual, but low at the nape is stunning!  I lightly spritz the tail with a light hairspray, then smooth on glossing cream. The spray helps the cream stick so hair looks sleek and not messy.

*Insider Tip:  What sets apart a great low ponytail from other ponies is to “dress it”.  I love a simple statement and color is huge for spring. Take a tiny colored ribbon and place it around the elastic or an antique hairpin placed through your ponytail, simple, but chic!

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  1. I think there are a lot of girls out there who don’t like their natural texture. I wonder then if “going with your natural texture” would be palatable to them.

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