The $7 Secret To Save Your Hair From Breakage

Tripe resist reinforcing shampoo

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I recently made a very drastic hair change.  I went from my natural redheaded glory, to a golden shiny shade of blonde.  Why?  Well, the first answer would be that my luscious locks turned grey almost 5 years ago, and keeping my “natural” hair color maintained was killing my wallet (they say blondes can blend greys easier).  The real answer?  I needed a change. I needed a “pick yourself out of your daily routine and feel sexy again” change.  And yes, I love my new blondeness.  It makes me feel….pretty.  But, with that golden glory comes some very dry, and damaged split ends, many times breakage. My hair hates me.

So, what is a newly blonde gal to do?  Well, the first thing she needs to do is run and get a super hydrating and strengthening hair routine in place.

Recently, I was able to put L’Oreal Triple Resist to the test.   We all know that I am in love with the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Balm, so I had very high hopes for the Triple Resist line.  It did not disappoint.  Not to mention, it’s a $7 drugstore secret.  To say that the line feels expensive is an understatement.  It feels luxurious and worthy of it’s very expensive competitors. Needless to say, I have it now it in the permanent hair treatments category. Effective and affordable? Yes, please!  I especially loved that the amount of hair breakage, and shower clogging sadness has been greatly reduced.

The Breakdown:

  • Utilizes arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the hair follicals. This powerful amino acid leaves hair three times more resistant to weakness.
  • Reduces hair fall due to breakage by 64% when using system of shampoo, conditioner and treatment together.
  • The Ultimate Strength Solution is intended to be used as a daily leave-in product, which leaves my hair feel glossy, and full. I spray this on immediately after the shower on my damp hair.




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