4 Beauty Oxymorons That Will Change Your Life

When Lily Collins brows became the trendy new standard for arches, I was disappointed that my barely-there hair would bar me from jumping on the bandwagon. Luckily, beauty sorcery (a wand with an ultra-fine tip and a spoolie on the other side, along with some professional guidance) gave me full, bushy brows that would make Anastasia Soare really proud. This got me thinking about other “beauty oxymorons,” a term we coined at The Makeup Blogger that describes an almost contradictory transformation from a common problem. Think—silky dry hair, strong damaged nails, dramatic small eyes.

After chatting with some very impressive beauty experts, it became clear that with a little bit of skill and the right products, you can turn anything (even something that virtually doesn’t exist like my brows) into whatever you want!

How To Get Silky, Bouncy Locks… When Your Hair Is Dry, Brittle and Damaged

Hair dryers, the sun and chemicals from our dyes and perms tend to fry our precious manes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get Gigi Hadid’s silky look. To first understand how to fix dry hair, we gotta know what causes it. Dry hair stems from dehydration and open cuticles. Think of cuticles as a protective fortress around the inner layers of the hair shaft. When cuticles are closed, they wrap around the hair, protecting the moisture inside, which gives the hair its shine. When cuticles are open, the moisture escapes, making hair go wild (in a frizzy and dry way). To close the cuticle, Frederic Fekkai hairstylist Marshall Lin suggests using a conditioner mask or Frederic Fekkai serum along with rinsing your hair in ice cold water. Spend five minutes or more to really rinse your hair squeaky clean with cooler temperature water,” he urges us. “I guarantee your hair will look silky without spending a penny.”  

How To Get Full Brows… When Yours Don’t Exist

A lot of women have overplucked arches or just don’t have naturally thick brows. The fastest and easiest way to remedy this is with makeup. You can use a brow definer, pencil or marker to fill in your shape by drawing tiny lines that mimic brow hair. While drawing on hair may sound like you’ll look more like a cartoon villain than Cara Delevingne, a soft product such as Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color actually creates a feathering effect that looks natural. Brow guru Soul Lee recommends topping off the marker with brow shadow applied with a brush.

Latisse, the eyelash growth medication that Claire Danes made famous, can be applied to your eyebrows too. Latisse is available by prescription only, and one bottle lasts one month and costs about $100. A more affordable brow growth option is a nourishing oil. Vanita Parti, owner and founder of Blink Brow Bar, recommends using bbrow’s nourishing oil, which is an organic product with ingredients such as rosemary and almond oil which condition and strengthens the brows. Results can be seen typically in a 2-3 weeks and one bottle costs about $30.

How To Get Strong and Glossy Nails… When Your Nails Are Flimsy

To get damaged nails looking beautiful, Jin Soon of Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spa of New York recommends using nail stickers for a smooth and finished look. That’s because if your nails need some healing, you should wait until they’re fully restored before applying polish. Stickers are a great way to keep your gloss high without harming your nails. “Some people believe erroneously that having fake or gel nails keeps their nails strong because they appear so from the outside, but in reality they are destructive to your nails which you will observe when you remove the fake or gel application,” explains Soon. A lot of us may be scarred by stickers, thinking that they’re only made for tween girls; but there are actually some great options for adults. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($9) are popular because of its variety, cost point and availability in most drug stores. The only major complaint with this brand is that they are often too big and require users to shape them.

And even though stickers can give you the appearance of cute nails, it’s still important to make them healthy. One of the best ways to combat brittle nails is eat plenty of proteins such as eggs, meat, nuts or fish and to take biotin vitamins (Vitamin H). Since your body is made of proteins, eating it rebuilds your cells. This causes a rejuvenation of not only your nails, but your hair and skin as well.

How To Rock A Smoky Eye… When You Have Teeny Peepers

While Disney princesses may have us all believe that doe eyes are the norm, some of us proudly sport smaller eyes in all shapes… and we want them to be dramatic too! Our very own chief editor and makeup artist Kim Do has been in the industry for 13 years and her advice for anyone with small eyes is to use softer colors. “If you have small eyes, stick with dark bronze and granite/grey shadows as your primary color to create a softer smokey eye,” she advises. “Avoid dark color shadows like charcoal and black, which more clearly define the size of your eyes.”

Do also recommends priming your eyelids and underneath your bottom lashes before applying shadow. “Make sure the eye shadow colors are well blended and there are no harsh or stark breaks between the colors,” she said. Next, apply eyeliner before smudging it with a Q-tip to create a soft blurry line, which makes the eyes look bigger. Finally, finish the look with fake eyelashes and mascara to bind the real lashes and falsies together.

What beauty oxymorons have you experienced and how did you make them work? Let us know in the comments!

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