30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge Peonies on Desk

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After being ridiculously proud of ourselves with the New You challenge in January, we thought we’d do it again: this time for Spring Cleaning (i.e. What should we clean in or out of our lives for a month?). Our closets? Bodies? Inboxes?

We’re sooo excited. Follow along and choose one for yourself, because there’s nothing like having a structured plan topped off with accountability to make some lasting changes in life. 

Let us know in the comments what you’ll be Spring Cleaning!


30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Sarah Ban, Editor & Writer

Spring Cleaning: My lungs

Living in a traffic-centric city like LA, inhaling smog is inevitable. I can’t even imagine how dusty my lungs are despite the fact I spend most of my time indoors. This challenge is dedicated to my grandmother, who lived in downtown LA for over 30 years. When she passed away at the age of 90, it was due to lung cancer. If it wasn’t for that, she would’ve stuck around for longer. She was the healthiest person imaginable (as a Korean immigrant, her diet was basically all vegetables and fermented foods) and she was insanely active both mentally and physically (she went to school to learn English and do puzzles, and she never missed a night of these crazy leg-lift exercises that I can’t even do as a “young” person).

So for this Spring Cleaning challenge, I’m going to actively make the effort to clean my lungs. I’m going to add air-purifying plants like peace lilies to my home, distill cleansing essential oils like frankincense and spend more time in nature when I work out instead of hitting the gym. My naturopath will be so proud of me!


30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Katie Durko, Social Media Manager

Spring Cleaning: My inbox

This spring, I will be cleaning my inbox. You know that one friend that has 53,789 unread emails on her phone and a badge app icon to prove it? Yup, that’s me.

I like to consider myself a pretty organized person, but when it comes to email, I am not. Working in the digital marketing/social media space means I’m constantly receiving emails. Recently, I’ve fallen into a familiar but dangerous trap: grabbing info from emails I need (and, of course, replying when necessary) but not filing or deleting them. I am also, admittedly, a compulsive online shopper and over the years have signed up for more mailing lists than I can count in order to get those first-time buyer discounts. Well, the time has come to purge!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Sam Nguyen, Writer

Spring Cleaning: My heart

Four months ago, my tire blew out on the 101 freeway and I hit a car head-on. It was absolutely terrifying. What’s even more terrifying is that the gentleman I hit is now the gentleman I’m dating (no, seriously). He came crashing into my life and I was not ready for it. Now with the the task of a spring-cleaning challenge, it’s became clear that there is nothing in my life that needs to be cleansed more than my heart. Because after 30-some odd years of past relationships, self-induced sabotage, fear of intimacy, commitment and all the other factors, it’s time to clean the slate.

Here are the three steps I’ll be taking -- all in the name of love:

  1. Physical: According to spiritual expert Mackenzie Wright, memories and negativity can get trapped in individual cells and auras, especially in the home. A deep cleaning is a good start, but I’m going to take it one step further: Every item I come across something that is associated with an ex or some negativity, it will go in the trash where it belongs.
  2. Spiritual: This will entail a variety of sage smudge rituals, rose hip oil, chakra cleansing and reiki healing. It’s essential to cleanse our auras and free them from negative thoughts and energies in order to experience full love (or so they say).
  3. Emotional: This is the hard part. I’ve been resistant to love for a long time. All of these steps mean nothing if I’m not able to give this relationship the chance it deserves. That means opening up and communicating, being honest and establishing real expectations. More than anything, I need to confront my own insecurities in order to allow myself to experience real love. In short, I need to get over myself.

It’s time to come clean. Wish me luck!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Dana Poblete, Writer

Spring Cleaning: My entire house

I have this annoying habit: I clean in stages. Or at least I say I’m going to. And then I only complete the first stage. Case in point: Last week, I scrubbed the grout in the shower. I couldn’t get it as white as I wanted to in one shot, so I said to myself, “That was just Phase One. I’ll put some real elbow grease into it tomorrow.” Nope. Phase Two never happened. I do this all the time with the floors. I sweep the entire house but I get too tired to mop it, too. So then I “take a break,” which never ends. I think (I know) part of me is just procrastinating long enough for it to become my S.O.’s turn to do the dirty work. He always does a more thorough job anyway. This is embarrassing thinking, and I want to break the cycle. This spring, I’m going to commit to deep cleaning the house -- from beginning to end.

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Erika Adickman, Social Media Manager

Spring Cleaning: My mess

You know what sounds nice right about now? An all-intensive food cleanse. No sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no processed foods, no eggs, no caffeine — but no, Sarah insisted I go for Option 2, aka The Scary Option. For the next month, I'm not just simply cleaning out my desk, under my bathroom sink or going through my closet, I’m actually going to live my life as if I am a "tidy" person.

I’m not now nor have I ever been someone who saw the value in making her bed each morning. No matter how many articles I read about how much better it improves your outlook, I just don’t care. I’ve also been blessed with an incredibly high tolerance for messes. My brain is too busy thinking about 100 different projects to notice the stack of old notebooks on my desk I should really throw out or file away.

But, for the next 30 days everything in my line of vision will be neat as a pin, as if I clonked my head, got amnesia and forgot that I was accustomed to a cluttered life. My fear is that I will find it incredibly time-consuming and stressful and overwhelming, but my hope is that I will eventually live my way into being a tidy person and not lose an ounce of creativity along the way.

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Kim Do, Chief Editor & Makeup Artist

Spring Cleaning: My inbox

I’ve been made to feel very very self-conscious by employees at the Genius Bar about my pathetic inbox management skills.

This month I will revisit Erika’s article about how to curb procrastination to help me detox my inbox. I will unsubscribe from all spam that penetrates my inbox and slowly figure out a systematic way to manage unread messages. Currently, I use unroll.me to purge junk mail for my Yahoo account. I have unsubscribed from 244+ subscriptions, but there’s still an avalanche of spam daily. To be fair, the account with the halo emoji is specifically for spam collection, so I can purge 50% right there. 🙂

Send me a screenshot if your inbox is worse than mine (or Katie's).

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Crystal Fenton, Writer

Spring Cleaning: My beauty closet

Every time we head into a new season, I think NOW is the perfect time to organize and purge my "beauty closet" (a.k.a a corner of my New York City studio apartment-size bathroom). Between the obvious shelves upon shelves of makeup, skincare, sheet masks (my weakness), hair products and tools, I've also designated one area for all my yoga and wellness gear (think mats, props and essential oils).

For this challenge, I plan to finally sort through the stash and bring a few bags of goodies to my favorite baristas at my Starbucks. Because, let's be real, I don't actually need ten variations of the same nail polish. Beauty starts from within, so making someone else's day brighter with an unexpected gift is best way to feel (and look) great!


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